Dihydropyridine Calcium Felodipine

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Lydston. — In Chicago, on Thursday, .August 2Sth, Mr.

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result ot a recent order of the New York State Board of

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being constricted by rubber bands to prevent loss of blood. Later,

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specimens, as also some showing later stages, were seen.

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scended kidneys downward and kinks the ureters. Had

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^ A Scientific Blendin g of True Santai and Saw Palmetto in a Pleasant Aromatic Vehicle.

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time is often little short of appalling. The clinical

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record of blood-pressure was made in all cases after the dog had become

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ism's. Unfortunately, I could not obtain an autopsy on this patient;

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there being in neither case much proliferation . of

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repelling not infrequently even the blandest oils and fats ; while in the

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into the abdomen and the child delivered with forceps. A cystic tumor

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a boy he became expert in playing cards ; but finding he was becoming

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The patient was well up to October, 1895, not having had the common

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psychopathic wards, and our inability to keep these

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tum : and it was feared that there might be a lighting up

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and $300,000 for improvements at the Philadelphia General

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seven cases of secondary syphilis, 97.5 per cent, re-

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1. Pathological Report of the Rotunda Hospital for the

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berculosis of the kidney. In Case III, the diagnosis

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gelatinous pus and limited by a. capsule averaging 1 mm. in thickness ;

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Wurtz in 1888, in the course of which it was determined that chickens pos-

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break occurred in Marseilles and lasted until the end of 1721. It is

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tures, and especially those with soft and ci'epitating cranii, for whose

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escaped into the posterior chamber, its probable original location, to reappear

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the disease suggested the existence of an infection ; the spleen was in many

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in the transmission of infection. The results of in-

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escaped entirely, the victims were almost exclusively among the soldiers

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Fecal fistula developed in Cases 12, 15, 34. All closed in the course

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adenitis. The incipiency with which it occurs is of-

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The serous fluid of blisters, the serum from pus, tears, and urine of

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tion. It is not confined to the remote districts, the

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headache over the left eye. Pain at times over the praecor-

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staff and the nurses constitute the rest of the institution.

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as a result of disease or as a congenital defect, obstruction of the pupil by

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in this number, excluding ulcer cases, every seventh

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Congenital Dislocation of the Hips.— As an illustration of the diagnostic

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may recover spontaneously, the prognosis is not always good. A useful bib-

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as being a large dog — "It was a sort of bulldog with large

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Dr. John S. Fulton, chariiirui : Dr. Thomas AlcCrae. and

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time of AATiting, after the lapse of one week. T\^)hoid bacilli were ob-

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The value of serum-diagnosis of typhoid fever has been established

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centa is usually delivered, as an inverted cone, the

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