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The T-bandage is especially useful in confining dressings to the

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and to insist that the medical student shall be taught only the technical

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were multiple and that one-half of the patients were

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pain some time after food associated with constipation and

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small dose caused a slight decrease, but that a larger dose had practically

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There are two modes of restraint in securing the animal during

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consensus of opinion was that these processes could be brought to a

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Detection of Blood and Blood-etains. — Dr. Heller, in an elaborate paper on Hsematin and

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blade had fractured. The instruments were gently withdrawn.

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supreme, and Galen was the god of the medical world.

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The joint is practically well, but protection is needed

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years past on the Mississippi." In the third quarter of the same year,

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many, it was reported at various places. It was still spreading in

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inates from the membranes or the brain. Acute inflammation

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been ruptured, and the blood is driven forward bj the

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can be done beyond giving anodynes (opium, belladonna,

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that death was four times more common amongst the patients whose

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beginning stage should be to instruct the mother or nurse to

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XXVII, and XXVIII). Some of the dogs were anemic from cage

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Kendall, John Calvin, B.A., Yale, '70 P. & S., N. Y., '75 Norfolk.

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British military purposes, must be capable of being stored for

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Personnel, or Jen Weeks, Recruiting Specialist, at (509)

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The medical officers clean and place protective dressings on

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Committee to nominate Physician to the Retreat for the Insane.

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wound discharged offensive matter for a few days, then

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CHARLES A. VARNUM, Capt. Seventh Cavalry, U. S. A.,

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anesthesia or hemiplegia, Avhich clearly shows that they are the result

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Acute Dilated Cardiomyopathy as a Cluster in Children,

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that a cold wind stands pre-eminent; through the influence

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ologic effects, but complicates and renders difficult Jbhe therapeutical application.

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