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developments of the crusade against tuberculosis in Ireland.

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idea. During the last few days the patient has com-

prazosin kopen

The Value of Boiled Milk as an Article of Diet. —

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The most important and striking forms of dropsy are congenital or

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before they are cut, and so spare as much bleeding as possible. The pre-

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are only secondary, or are set up by accidental complications.

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cannot see our pearls cast so generously before them.

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bed was at their disposal. After remarks by Drs. Hitchcock, Praeger and David-


From Holhiml and (iermany hir^e consi^nmentH of spirit obtained

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to the idea that authority should be given to a Secretary of

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feeble, and the quantity of wine was increased. The

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The word purpura (purple), taken in its truest sense, signifies " eruption

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from the wound, and he lost a considerable quantity. It was

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condition digitalis finds its most useful indication, it

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better-class children one often finds that undue emphasis has been laid

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ual Development. — E. Lesser says that cases of excessive

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motor, and sensory troubles, with zones of anaesthesia or of hyperaesthesia,

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this to the case in hand, does it not follow that when a bum

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Have a World-Wide Reputation for Uniform Reliability

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At least 25 per cent of all men examined have shown a well-de-

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a closer relationship between public health workers and the practicing

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described above as anatomically fixed. The fact that such a disturb-

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whole is as thin as possible consistent vnth due rigidity, and

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tion of an acid, incontestibly proves that the poison has been

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type, and the movements of the affected side of the chest

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fixity of the orfran to neighbouring parts, the choice of operation is of conse-

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to bring forward the effect of congregating and incarcerating many children or

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time when we shall have to select a method from the

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taken to prevent accidents in future. It is very fortunate that cases of

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rence, and about the ^Buie number on board the Niagara, (heir

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supplementation with a basal infusion should provide

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functional and organic diseases, without becoming ac-

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that the following history of the criminal is true in every

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During my sojourn in India I have been struck with some re-

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gresses at a great pace in a straight line with the flagellum

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Examining board: President, Capt. Chas. H. Hammond, S. C. ; Capt.

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cases, Acetofie has also appeared in the urine in a few cases. Vari-

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woman of 39, who had previously suffered from gouty phlebitis

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copaiba-rash, a sign conspicuously absent in the syphilide. Another is

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inTolve more and more of the contiguous cutaneous surface, extending, it

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Beaumont actually saw, various articles of food are soluble in

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judgment as being most suited to each particular case, provided that such treat-

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Tracheotomy was performed under urgent circiimstanceH

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The surface of the tumour is fairly smooth, and its edges shade

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came fiom the gases whicii were produced in the priv-

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