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I have now only to add, that your prosperity as individuals, and
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diately after its stomach is completely filled with wholesome
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and a Sanitary Inspector who was very willing and conscientious, but
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motors caused by the pneumococcus. Dr. Buxbaum mentioned the case of
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of expediency where one of justice is involved. The establishment of im-
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and complete closure of the abdominal wound without
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adopted at an early stage. The disease occasionally proves fatal in a year
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necessary that the administration of this pill be continued from three to
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drowning, and several other forms of death, they have remem-
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variable weather will be found to have a greater influence in
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thyroid may be considered as one of those '^factors of safety" (Us-
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degree, others in a less degree. This inequality of distribution
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Court convened to hear my trial, at which Judge Parsons
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removed a prostatic growth from a patient aged forty-nine ; Dunn ex-
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There 'have been, also, several bright spots in the social life of our junior
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selves bear marks of design in the endless combinations
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of these symbolical names, in order to attract more
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it was readily determined that there was practically no involvement
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justify the use of powerful and dangerous drugs, while
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Clinically the condition is characterized by loss of pain
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time laboured under a distressing pain in the head, and particularly in the frontal
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same argument holds good in regard to typhoid fever, measles,
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more than one hundred thousand people. All the way down to Trenton
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observation, as it unquestionably has in tlie past,
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rather more improbable, and does not so well fit in with all the
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(+0.02 to +0.04°) the operation is repeated. In some cases it was
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in the open air in frosty weather in some kind of out-door
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importance, and I believe a closer cooperation than now exists between bac-
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the disease in cattle. In 1891-92 a series of cases were similarly treated
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of medical knowledge. Within the hospital ward the stu-
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So far as culture in education is concerned the Greeks have not been
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equally efficient in the preventive treatment of cholera." — -J. H,
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vated by digitalis that the patient had the greatest dread of the
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"Dnder the general heading of osteomalacia a number of different
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Insurance companies have for some years recognized the importance
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apply the child to the breast as soon as the mother
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