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of the neck and arm even to the finger tips in the most severe cases.

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ing, a ftrong cough v/as frequently joined to all thefe

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may be summed up as pain and tenderness, haemorrhage, and the existence

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should be kept in the bath till the temperature has fallen 6°, but if

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fibreux, in which the finger-joints present fusiform enlargements, due to

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does not irritate m- disturb the digestion, nor induce constipation.

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In duodenal ulcer we may have the intermittent type of pain. This

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acute rheumatism are important and serious. It is a question whether

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The presence of digestive products (albumoses and peptone) in the

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salads, tea and coffee. Women who eat freely of proteins are

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succeeded in tracing obscure forms of nervous disease in children to this

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Victoria and the Toronto School of Medicine) held a most successful meeting

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the upper part of the abdomen, sometimes doubling the patient up, as well

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habilitated. Occasionally some deformity, as talipes equinus, may result

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inferior surface looks downwards, backwards, and to the left. The part of

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of Great Britain, entitled "Recent Advances in Medical Education

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