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strated and interpreted if one keeps in mind the general char-
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I 3. Congress is reviewing the federal health planning law with
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Only physicians who are able to speak the English language
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medical schools of Marquette LTniversity and the L T niver-
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The ore-induction method yielded information about plasticity
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medicine is all but powerless in controlling the morbid
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to one-half its original height by a subcutaneous injection of a small quantity
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ing difficult ; but there was never the dribbling of saliva met with in the
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Through this shelving edge near the pubis pass a chromic catgut
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great teachers of man who were his chief delight, out-
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"Gentlemen, I have devoted nearly my entire life to research work, and until recently firmly believed
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a case of cancer of the breast about as laige as a pint bowl, and several of our most emi-
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to be made was of importance ; also the question of dose and
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CEFOBID is extensively excreted in bile The serum half-life of CEFOBID is
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The great defect in these inventions was the limited
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ing testicle being removed similarly. Calves are thrown
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upon the causes of sickness among children, but it will be ob-
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'6169 Metchnikoff, E. Lecons sur la pathoiogie compart de-
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regard head-nodding itself as an epileptic condition, as attacks of petit

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