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this canal in its greatest extent, — the view then attains very easily

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from the fatal spell. But miasm is under certain laws, and medical investigation

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pani were papilliform and villous growths, with epithelial covering composed

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struments, with the requisite illustrations; 4, Statistics of surgical

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posterior displacements, merely different degrees of the same thing;

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where in the body; but it has beeu isolated from the

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principles of antiseptic surgery. They speak of that which they

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gauze packing and rubber drains. The incisions drained profusely

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it willingly must be given the oil mixed with roots."

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when they rapidly left and were essentially gone by August 19. August 14 and

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the secretion of urine must thus be interfered with by extensive

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manifestations of chorea, whereas very few instances of this sequence

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tenability by actual experiment. Until such demonstra-

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adult, do not seriously affect the prognosis. Far otherwise is it

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be slack, it will be proper for the man to follow the advice

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ties of the femur and tibia necessarily occurs in the

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a differential diagnosis can be made. Careless diagnosti-

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Now as to the treatment. This disease cannot be cut short, even in its early

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ed in bed. Pulse rather more full. Other symptoms much the same. —

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not visible to the eye. Another class of cases which

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ball of air whicli is then swallowed with more or less saliva; there

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my volta electric apparatus passed through a column of distilled water twenty-

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moiety acting on the diseased processes in the lung. Strauss (Centralbl.

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old friends, who were very glad to see me, I went to

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