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sides of the neck, and in sheep the inner side of the thigh.
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graining of the skin were features of special interest.
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distalward at about its deepest location in the pelvis (Fig. 6).
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have found. Kichardson has it in both its modern meanings,
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fiiel or timber. With the exception of the pine, almost all (dnds are to
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keberkesanan proextender
tite; recommends the Use of Rhubarb; treatment for Worms
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from which the medical officers enjoy the privilege of ordering daily dinners
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as the light treatment of lupus. His first attempts were made
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two successive capillary systems before returning to the heart: first,
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nbout two hours, and was not succeeded by any blue (complementary)
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manner. The routine of such an institution, with its
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be regarded as cured ; even in such mild cases, however, relapses
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Superintendents of the state’s ten mental hospitals met
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papers have, it is true, been produced ; but there is a want
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gills, that they separate the air from the water ; and while the water
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&c. Secondly, whatever weakens the tissues or impoverishes the
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ventricles were looked upon as the most important part of the brain,
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asthenia** back pain, hot flushes, malaise, pain, rigors, weight gam, musculo-skeletal system: arthralgia, arthrosis,
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most of them original, but it is difficult now to de-
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he performed the little that required to be j led into a new inquiry— as to the condenting
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cal and Surgical Journal, of August 4th, entitled " An M.D. in
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progress (S.S., principal investigator) should elucidate the
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by gastric digestion, while Cushny and others state that little
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No microscopic or chemical analysis was made of the contents of
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funding grants to University of Maryland faculty for pilot research studies.
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6.5 million were obtained for each left anterior oblique
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hour, and 247 pounds per day, or abomt 1*7 times the weight of the
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kept moist with pure laudanum, the use of which he had learned
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frequent and painful micturition, lasting only from one to three hours at
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In eighteen cases the right, and in eighteen the left, breast was
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that the area for object-seeing is large, and, in highly civilised man,
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piece of lint with ammonia or chloroform, applying it to the part

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