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days, while the other two, in all respects similar, but treated by

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On suspending again the use of the instrument, it relapsed into

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than under other modes of treatment. To all these questions

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or less respiratory embarrassment and probably cyanosis, the

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plague. I was not aware of his disease, nor indeed was any one of my compa-

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cure rheumatic gout ; it could not prevent the patients from advancing in age,

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to 200 grains of iodide of potash w^as instituted. He

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out of doors. The floors and furniture should be kept clean by

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picked cases in which prolonged labour was expected, how did

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been nearly or entirely restored, there yet remained even in the

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scanning. Histologic examination of the tissues of the or-

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authoritative reference, both to the item itself and to the subject as a whole, is generally given for those who may be unfamiliar

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existing between them could not fail to prove of great interest

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mended in this paper has been properly applied without satisfactory

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obviously fallacious, for we have few more exact instrumental

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The number of visits made by District physicians . 23.231

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bed, and it proved an excellent somnifacient. He was on his third

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properties removed the bacteria and irritating matter,

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pulse is strong and hard, and the general constitution not

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It is only ten years since these hypertrophies have been

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latter, however, is nothing more than a common encysted fibrous

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devoted several lectures to the clinical study of cerebral rheumatism.

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15. The discovery of vacuolated cells in the blood would lead us to

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different ages. The oldest one had been isolated by one of us early

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