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are three varieties, known as long, medium, and short

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esting all intended diners is, How many times a week did he "sling

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poses, &c — [the Legislature to elect three Boards, to pass upon the

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Before the necropsy was made, Sir Morell Mackenzie,

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about him like a giant's robe upon a dwarfish thief.

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say, go into hibernation, when all functions of life cease action. We

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dition, or, better still, to guard against contracting the diseases at alL

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possible to give the wounded adequate First Aid and the first aid

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the lameness is slight, and the horse can not be spared from work

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chains, and a few long, slender bacilli were present.

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By work like this we achieve utopias, for to-day would seem

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The disease mav result from some other disease, or mav occur as

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condition of health as observed before its removal. The secretions

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of attention I experienced uuder his roof ; they can never be effaced from

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plan has been ad opted, the treatmenthas proved positively injurious.*

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6. The "A. D. Thompson-Bevan Fellowship in Surgery and House Surgeon-

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the direction from the bottom of the wound toward the surface.

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nnd shaped that it does not interfere with any of nature's requirements, or give the wearer the least incon-

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tendency of mania and monomania is to pass into dementia. It is

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symptoms to be investigated, and explains the method to be pursued

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have escaped the action of the poison, and not to the re-

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individual taste and comfort. There is a large modern

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