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within the chest without any severe dyspnoea, cyanosis, or

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never observed any positive benefit from those that I

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glanders for a whole year, and, according to circumstances, still

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ives, he thought should not be lightl}' condemned. Ef-

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in the two cases, and certainly does not justify the conclusion that hospi-

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thus, restrict it till it can be, and on the subsidence of the

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showed that he was the subject of profound anemia, and

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in the absence of uterus, or in congenital closure of the os uteri (one case).

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15 The Corpus Lnteum in the midst of the shattered remains of

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must be kept close to that of the ventricular chord, while

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tion—the extension is limited on the right side. This

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them were very distinct, as if fixed by acetic acid. They then became

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amination of the scapings by a competent pathologist will

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ber of stitches, the unnecessary manipulation of the

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be confined to the ver}'- early periods, as to the two first days ; but

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they can only be used in official correspondence, and cannot be

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found the cavity of the left ventricle so completely obliterated as we

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upon the acuteness of the physician in detecting the true

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and this will only happen when the obstructions are

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one of the most interesting is the frequency and severity of sec-

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