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Richet has published the following rather amusing ex-
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the brain. If some drug to invigorate the heart be required, strychnine
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of the lungs which may simulate it If one is to belieye what the
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more so when the brief description which is given is incorrect in a very
a little water. The tumefied tongue should be rubbed often with
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James A. Albright, Karl K. Bilderback, Laura M. Gehrig, Anne M. Hollister, Andrew A. Marino, Gordon M. Mead, Debi P. Mukherjee, Margaret L. Olmedo,
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various periods agitated this country, and in the European States.
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.Men-, hen. ZeitSOhr. f. klin. Med., 1881, vol. II p. 1. liinz (Vorlesungen
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patient took the early stage for Boston, forgetting his hill.
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the previously black sloughy material has disappeared — has been
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that they be accomplished not only in a scientific manner, but
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detected ; debility and weakly parentage were considered to be the essential
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urethra by removal of prostatic obstacles; temporary drainage of the
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back on more than one occasion as he traveled parallel with our
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In order to provide more fully for the preservation of health
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further elaborated that table so as to use any distance between anti- fox news
cough had almost ceased, and she had gained much strength. The
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topustule, for in variola vera the entire stage of development may pass in the
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Legs stretched by their weight alone, the flat of the thighs and knees
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cealed and secret medicine with a small paper of directions
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suggested a cyst, and a dermoid was thought to be the most likely
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found perfectly healthy. The ovary was invaginated (excepting a small
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said, “To permit new experts after the panel has rendered a
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had a very acute attack, and was admitted. For three months
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reduced, usually trifling, and in some few cases the operation
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A Modern Chinese Anatomist. J. Dudgeon, M.D. China Medical
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human host ; it is an interesting one, and has a very practical bearing on
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inflammation affecting one, will very soon affect both unless timely
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Strapping a swollen testicle. To draw wound edges together.
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M.S. 1966, University of Denver; Ph.D. 1971, University
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between gravel and gout, proposed the plan of giving gouty patients
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gauze was placed in the vagina. The retractors were

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