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are cold, and there is a feeling of universal discomfort, with an utter indisposition

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them coming down the road, and the aged, recognizing the step,

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milder kind noticed (13) but in degree. The throat is intpnsely

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accepit ; et in quibus vulneribus ulceribufve plus pep»

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his difficulty with his chief, and declined pay for his

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this depend internal sensibility and the sentiments." Trans-

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upon this function, so placing the heart in a better position for carrying

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sacro-iliac synchondrosis. The question arose as to whether it would

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ostentatious learning, and the editors seem in general to have avoided the excessive

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pulse was 96 ; respiration, 40 ; temjjerature, 102.6

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holding back of the head." In fact they called the disease cervical opisthot-

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progressive liver disease, since minor alterations of fluid and electrolyte balance may pre-

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One sample of milk which I obtained from the distillery

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morning dram; but food has a similar effect. These early symptoms

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acid "is rent asunder " from the elements with which it was united ; and

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tamper with himself until even a fourth relapse. He remained on the

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it may therefore be said, to be the first and last subjects of con-

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By Rt. Hon. C. B. Adderly, M. P., on education — reviewing

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the wounded and also for use in connection with dressings. If the

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