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tarrhal vaginitis. Again, suppose we have a trace of albumin
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percussion signs of hydrocephalus continue, but there is _a_ deepening of the
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symptoms. An attack of so-called tonsillitis which is frequently noticed in
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on account of the tears in the mucosa and the denudation of the uterus.
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education or instinct pronounces deleterious. Probably not
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tract as the portal of entry. An abundance of fresh air seems to be the most
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"wear thin rubber surgical gloves after thorough hand-disin-
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peptonuria, inasmuch as it points toward extensive dis-
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coma develop, and the patient goes on to the symptoms of the acute or sub-
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carefully, that they have mastered the results of experience,
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neurotic tendency, including, of course, asthma and allied
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matic origin, it is possible to produce not only the
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Abscess of the liver is extremely rare, there having been only 2 in this
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to secure combustion of the proper amount of sulphur. To
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interest in prophylaxis. A cold clay soil appears to favor the occurrence of
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formation of metabolic products and hinder repair; fifthly,
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for any of us to face a situation where we are simply unable
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kills in an hour, and 80° C. in fifteen minutes. To the ordinary disinfec-
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also on the urinary tract, during their elimination. The
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little or much, or exceed the ordained time by a fortunate
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consist chiefly of necrosis of cells and of a hyaline fibrinoid change in the
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and disappears on standing. Others are only heard standing
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Somewhat similar conditions appear to obtain with reference to the colon
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The submaxillary glands may be affected after the parotids are invaded.
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The toxin-destroying powers of the digestive juices, the bactericidal effects
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In the beginning they are surrounded by a small erythematous ring, the
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of the process the spleen may be soft and lax with a wrinkled capsule, the
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instances of neuritis. There are cases reported as having general choreic
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there were cases with complications there were 5 instances of return cases.
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and Myer, and others. Singer considers the presence of the streptococcus
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nounced eruption on the face, were the principal points on which the
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precordial distress, and a feeling of depression persist. This death-like

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