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prevention of the spread of disease, I shall take up in this paj)er a con-

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because this disease is an infectious one, one that is caused by

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usual characters of chorionepithelioma, most evident between a

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maintains that it is not an ante-mortem pathological change, but a post-mortem

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already been operated upon by the Ogston-Luc method, but had

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convenient stretch, and the note is sounded for a return of the

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with an outer covering of German silver, thereby overcoming the tendency to become broken at this

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apoplexy, but it often becomes frequent and feeble toward tbe

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basis that '2 per thousand of respiratory impurity has been

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nections are made, and the accuracy with which the switches are adjusted and

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pus is generally not offensive, and the bacteriological findings are, of

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fat and carbohydrate is its greater simplicity; the tedious

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opinion and, in his absence, were seen by Dr. Stowers.

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nitrogen-containing bodies. Latham (Biochem. J., 1908, 3, p. 193) believes that

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twelfth thoracic or that of thefirst lumbar vertebra had

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The prognosis has been to some extent considered in what I

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cording to the seat of the valves, and whether they

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At the same time this, like other biologic products, ought to

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even when the subcutaneous fatty tissue is divided, providing their direction is longitudinal

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His researches included the relation between low basal

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gretted for the reason that it is upon such errors as this that all the

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jelly. This form is much more frequently met with in the horse

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