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alpha (a) and anti-B or beta (/?). The following table shows the

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The immediate effects of wrongdoing are upon others. Wrongdoing

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exposed to the atmosphere, those engaged in husbandry are liable to

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G. Les Stats intellectuels dans tnilancholie, Paris, 1895. — 6. Ferraud. "Sur la

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this interaction of the mind on the body and of the bodily state on the

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under par. They have commonly dark complexion, eyes, and hair. The

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The brain that cannot acquire new combinations of movements by

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or at wider intervals over many years ; or occasionally they may follow

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In an editorial note to the article referred to (vol. ii. p. 728) it was

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impostures ; nevertheless genuine cases do occur, even in hysterical

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scalp. The disease is therefore produced by the combined efforts of

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tion, New Sydenham Society, 1866-75. — 2. Willan, R. On Cutaneous Diseases, 1808.

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cestridian diptera, pigeon lice, etc., but they present nothing characteristic

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of the skin. In some of the larger and more pendulous growths a small

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which are seen in either sex and at all ages, have been considered distinct

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Symptoms. — As a rule the condition is present at birth, although it

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inch) and small (8-inch) animal jars are suitable for rats and

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death. Other abdominal manifestations of hysteria are flatulence,

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lowed thirty years of age for the man and twenty for the

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windows of which had been blocked up in order to evade the window

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beginning of the attack from the first onset of pain and malaise.

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condition is almost certainly due to the action of microbes, we treat it

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ing and then heat to soften it at the desired point as previously

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disturbing reflex influences which must reach them, constantly or

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(/) The pipette and counting chamber must be scrupu-

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some of this miraculous powder in solution, the wound of the

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