Catuaba Bark Women

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generally all such knowledge as will be useful to be
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fur cholic and pain in the bowejs, and to expel wind.
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would operate on the man, and not oh the child' it one
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case severely alone to rapid and immediate delivery Ijy Cffisarean
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tum, entered the thigh, and, finally, was cut out of the buttock.
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practi 1 medicine at an early period, in Stratford. The Clarks
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extreme swelling of the glands and the muscular stiffness
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1904 n] <J. Roy. Micr. Soc, Lond. (1), Feb., p. 57. [W a , W m , \V <; .]
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Effusions into the Pericardium, Serous, Purulent, and Haematic Effusions of the Knee, Hydrocele,
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hope and refusing the desired remedy, they called in a
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said, go to Colorado Springs, a town of seven thou-
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the working out of definite programs. The Committee would refer
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Charles Wood Fassett, Secretary of the American Medical Publishers'
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People Check Their Tire Pressure More Often Than Their
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(c) Provide facilities for study or teaching in other cen-
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There may be ulceration, but Peyer's patches are not aifected. The
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about which much has been said of late — that is the question of
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school at Salerno is to be found in the opportunities
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in the use of paraldehyde. He had employed it largely for
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methods of preserving complement are in vogue — salting" (addition of from
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micra and the smallest fibers a mean diameter of less than two
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sleeplessness, headache, etc In cases such as hay fever,
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patients' beds, and removing sheets while the patient is in
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combined therapy may outweigh the benefits. The combination should be used only with caution
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the death of her husband, as the result of an elevator
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fathomable at this time, a cornucopia of clinical products of
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LEDERLE LABORATORIES, A Division of American Cyanamid Company, Wayne, New Jersey 07470-
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The articles of incorporation of this Medical and Surgical Society of the County
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Ifoved from so diespcifat* H iila«lioB. On my ihfenning
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habitual constipation, in which he observes : I first tried the ex-
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bladder tliis convulsive action occurs at the close of urina-
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ported the name of E. K. Hunt, M. D., of Hartford, and he
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quinine. In France, Pajot and Tarnier are the great advocates
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report concerning the treatment of diabetes by blisters to the neck
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ulated in blood serum. The characteristic culture de-

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