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down to a quart; let it cool; then add 17 or 18 grains

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result of portal ligation, not the least icteric tinting of the parenchyma

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It has been suggested, and with some probability, that the

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many matters of interest, not merely to officers in immediate com-

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by the community, and he is recompensed by the community, it

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because in rapid succession several deaths have occurred which appeared fairly attri-

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histories, defective in the essential article of all records,

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thick ; but the upper part, and especially the middle portion, from the pelvis of

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HiGBY & Stearns, the publishers of this Journal, having

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tific knowledge. 1 ' " Without this faculty, and its sign, in a superior

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circulation, and usually, too, they are greatly annoyed with drowsi-

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tive or Diuretic according to the degree of its dilution only.

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which, even though penetrating, may be regarded as unlikely to

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d. If hyperkalemia develops, substitute a thiazide alone,

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111 deg. Fahr., which was followed by death in less than two

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Only two animals survived for as long as 12 days. Jaundice always developed

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London itself has twelve medical schools, which together constitute the

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relation to the work of the Children's Bureau, "The first step in the

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shaded area could be seen in the lumbar rfgioii w\-

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was at that time in Egypt with the explorer Schlie-

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first used iodide of potassium, and the local application of iodine to

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2 The Electric Illumination of the Bladder and Urethra. By Hurry Fenwick,

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institution two-third rations, which were round quite ampler

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Address, Eastern Dispensary. CT bMux ^tre•^ New York.

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Treatment. — Turpentine is recommended to be given every

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This was defined thus : When a cholera epidemic approached a district in

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if not all, of my patients suffering from nasal pol3^pus, give a his-

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proper place is on the floor and the patient lying on a mat-

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suppuration of the sinuses becomes more dangerous when the

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exhibitor asked if this case should be included in the category of

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lation I must ask your indulgence, for, while I think

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lation and scrupulous cleanliness. The floors are painted. The

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