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be the dirt, as scrotal cancer does not occur in those
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say the brow presented because it was a flattened pelvis and the
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on the broad ligament caused necrosis where they rested
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appended to it, in the case of a hard pulling horse, that can-
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been gradually increasing both in size and tenderness. The mass had, however, lost its
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as they leave the foramina. At the completion of this
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By closing the canal after the Basini method it did not
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latent and apparently without effect upon the organism.
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Digitalis will act pleasantly in the same degree as belladonna
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It is a common observation that the abdomen is a field of
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no binocular divergence could be produced. The second
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obstructions and other cardiac lesions ; in disease of the kidney, or of the
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Loeffler bacillus. It was about as unmixed a case of diphtheria as
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tlie Western Fever Hospital, who called my attention to this case. She was
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five affected families initially studied had at least one
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acute, and especially so on the right side. I could never
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of the salt. After the second dose, coryza set in and be-
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by the chemical galvano-caustic application to the endometrium.
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I first saw her in June, 1910, while she was still in the Metropolitan
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pari of the canal is wider than the anterior, and is readily dilatable to a
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minutely reported and analyzed sixty-seven may be dysmenorrhea or profuse metrorrh-
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been able to admit to the examinations only those applicants who
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in case of sickness are constructive suicides, and he who derides the
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muscles. The entire left leg and arm, the left side of
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flccreCioo is brought up, and is removed intuitively by the mother, or

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