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patient was thrust, by reason of his appointment, and I need
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are about one hundred eligible veterinarians in the State, and
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Let us next conceive a side bend carried so far that the
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sumption than the male sex, in spite of the fact that the former has a
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. that night a raging fever drank up her life — and what do you
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Chop the suet very fine, cut the stoned raisins in half and
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recognised ability in sifting the grain from the chaff render the
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of fever in Jacksonville as early as last February,
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of the poor who are brought up in dirty, ill- ventilated, overcrowded rooms
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daughter and two sons. One son died of convulsions in infancy,
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free from tightness and restraint as possible. The importance of
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to one fide or the other ; and if the unwieldy weight
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Dr. Playter was introduced by the President, and unanimously
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lately obsers-ed a reference made to the s^^bject of
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nursing he was put under the care of a country-woman,
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and he determined to try this method (after taking his then honse pupil, Mr.
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a standard for comparison, and the first was obtained from
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Koff, Howard Daniel. Assistant Professor of Anesthesiol-
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by intranasal methods, nine were completely cured; in eleven a
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tions of the abdominal muscles in a state of half suspension can be distioctlj
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Whittingham, Windham (1780), 1240 — Stafford, F. D.
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est as the bacteriologic relations of the bacillus typho-
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Glycosuria in Chronic Intestinal Stasis. By Alfred C. .Tordan, M.D. ... H7
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About the 1st of April, 1844, a small swelling or tumor appeared on the
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" Since the return of Madame d'O. from Paris, her state has been
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did not manifest any paralytic affection, and he regards the lingual palsy only as
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and which will remain eight or ten days without an atom of cil separa-
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history of medicine and my own individual experience supply
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tongue foul ; thirst great; skin tinged yellow; conjunctiva
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pause. Hence, during eight hours of the twenty-four the muscles

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