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three courses of inoculations, the last vaccination in all cases being
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effectual, from anastomoses with the interosseous artery; and since
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the -same volume of solution must be required in each case to neutralize
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well up to a few days previously, when he began to complain of
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description of the palmar fascia, which is intended
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quently a form in which these separate inner bodies stain rather
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then washed and dried, and, after being packed in muslin bags, are
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power of throwing off of the body excretory products in proprotion to the
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not arrived in time to hear the opening discussion. The
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LARDNER, D.^Animal Physka : or the Body and iU Functions ffunOiarly explained. 2 vols. 12ma, with 620 lUustntloiis.
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pocketing of secretions ; bringing together with continu-
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overnight sleep studies are conducted and interpreted.
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Dr. Skene, of New York, is satisfied from experiments
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In France the difference is not so great, but the more absolute
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pointofentranceofabronchioie. tissucs, aud forms the auglcs, becomes the
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perature, according to my experience, is not modifiea. It may result differently
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dition prior to tlm compl«t« oh»iructu>n, while briow
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104° r. Poultices were applied, and the patient was
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immediate surgical interference in these injuries is a question
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In a majority of the cases treated by tuberculin R.
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inflaential than its quantity in determining physiolo^cal results; and it is to
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body, resembling the white of an egg when boiled. The function
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precipitating a concentrated broth culture of B. typhosus with 95 per
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Stated Meeting, Friday, March 7, 1896, Dr. W. L. Rodman, President, in the chair.
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that he began to bloat, and that the abdomen increased in size very
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produces a tranquil and refreshing sleep, and the pa-
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such as, from their avocations are obliged to maintain the erect
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bers of the association are known as Fellows, Correspond-
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short time before may say that he has received nothing for twelve hours.
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Even after complete disconnection of the spinal cord from the blood

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