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surex geyeri, Boott. Trans. Linn. Soc. xx, 118 (1846).

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were severe and anxious; but recovery in this, as in

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should not be given to pigs, young calves, or to human beings.

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mind is clear at first, and may remain so to the end, or coma may supervene

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already quoted. The increased value of statistics as to the distribution,

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all of these methods named have been suggested by, and

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1775 receDseutur. 4 v. 4°. Basileae, Job. Scbweigbauser ;

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them, to use an illustration not intended to cast the slightest slur upon

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a general tendency to accept too readily false theories

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the gas upon the nasal and conjunctival membrane was

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had taken place. The mass was then seen to be divided into three

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The progress of the multiple phlebitis presented peculiarities

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branacea septi, is also given in Plate VII., Fig. 4.

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Dr David \V. Maclagan, care of Dr Harrisoti, Eltham

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symptoms of the pneumonia are not changed in any character-

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on admission were: Pain and swelling in the left side of the abdomen;

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looked well, with a slight serous discharge from the point where drainage

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Apart from its scientific value the book is full of human interest and

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is invested, in rearing a fine flock to produce profitable

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of different surgeons. It is either superseded altogether or

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Fig. 88.— Vitriaed Paving-brick with Single Groove.

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different observers, prcA^ents our saying more than that in all cases of

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special form of exostosis. He also points out that, although the

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If at the onset there is a great degree of nervous excite-

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In contrast to those cases in which menstruation occurs once or several

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in a state of health, and under the various circumstances

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which voraciously gulp down as true all that is put in print,

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half as high. The total of deaths from remittent fever is four. The

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the many and warm kindnesses I have received in that

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traction of the tongue to the right side is hardly percept-

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the case of man, recovery is never complete, for a permanent condition,

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