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might have been operated upon with a fair show of suc-

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Richardson, in a more recent paper, corroborates the first-named writer's

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tion is confined to the living bioplasm within the envelop.

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far in our condemnation of all such idena. It doea not seem

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left arm and leg, and on the following morning was quite rational.

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the curd is well separated from the whey strain or skim it out.

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before the evidence of OPSI in children was accepted by the

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name, the kind and number of pieces laundered by her and put to

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( Virchow'B ArchiVt Ivi. 3 ; Schmidt's Jahrhucher, No. 6, 1873.)

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Grosshimrinde insbesondere des Menschen. Archiv f . Anat.

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blood is exposed to the air, cither in the lungti or out of the body,

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relapsed cases there had been distinct exposure to air, as by going out too

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of a scientific than a practical value. As has been intimated, the occurrence

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Unfortunately, no post-mortem examination was allowed, so it was

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fiiel or timber. With the exception of the pine, almost all (dnds are to

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the Middlesex Hospital in Edinburgh and in Glasgow. Sev-

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dyspepsia, 5 ; hsematemesis, 2 ; gastric haemorrhage, 1 ;

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entirely ; in 1848 there were 167 cases, equal to 2.16 of the population,

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pearance of a huge and hairy being with aclnb — a luna-

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leg bent forward at the place of fracture in spite of splints.

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While much has been written upon the action of bacteria as re-

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Syphilitic disease of the blood-vessels has been found, and, in a case

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Sequelae. The bone lesions may appear at a long interval after the attack.

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on this point as well as for the appropriate treatment of the vesi-

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medications available for the treatment of allergic rhinitis.

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according to its race and the media upon which it is grown. Furthermore it must

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vertebral shadows. The right anterior oblique projection

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General. — It is hardly necessary to say that the sardines of New

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in consequence of tumor in the cerebellum exercising pressure

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which no part of the body can moTe itself) consist of fibrous

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animals survived the operation without manifesting any untoward

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of it the excretion of CO, by the lungs is diminished more

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