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rous animals. Pounds of tartar emetic have been given

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spreads slowly downward, and on the trunk there are discrete somewhat

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white, became black ; same of the beard. This man also

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lishing to the satisfaction of the authorities the fact that they have

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effusion of serous fluid into both pleural cavities. This effusion

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tures about the Elbow." Paper discussed and referred.

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good judgment in the selection of those subjects which form a large share

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state of grey hepatization. No tubercle was found in an) part

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reasons for this are related to surgical tradition and skep-

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various portions the internal and outer edges had cicatrized ;

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from this injury, he suffered a second time from a precisely similar acci-

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Syphilitic Epilepsy. — Pte. B., aged 27, had syphiHs ten years

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ronto in establishing a temporary ^mall-pox hospital, just out-

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a dose of the compound jalap powder every third or fourth night. Locally a

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