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guideline. A policy is an “option” if the outcomes or
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and the application of Trommer's test, yielded a pretty abundant deposit
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she consumed two biscuits and a cup of tea, — the biscuits first
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to be shown in a knowledge of the principles underlying the use of
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respect to lunacy statistics. There remains the question of the
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pressure, an important matter in the treatment of canker in
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diastole to a size sufficient to compensate for its incomplete
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poucli of Douglas. Upper incision drained by strips of iodoform
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37. Lemco, Method of preparation in, Eyre, T. W. H. : The Elements of
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doubt that with proper treatment it would get quite
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make — ^namely, the complete amputation of an animal's
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speedily. In small doses it is used with sarsaparilla,
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with seed not treated. Only one variety gave a larger yield
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decrease in the quantity of blood and a. contraction of vessel. In the experiments referred to,
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"Rheumatism is neither so common, nor are its symptoms so
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raUon and care, are transmitted with as full particulars as
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4. When the newly developed sound herd has become of
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and reported the wound to be mortal. The following morning, the man had
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Only a few weeks ago I saw a case of this kind, which is always rare. A woman,
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either the patient or his family ; but two days later, there was a new
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oflFering volunteer papers. Some have expressed the fear that the
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The length of time that hay retains its nutritive properties
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mater removed. Signs of returning lirain power at once
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pulmonary and zymotic, and the important results of the experiments of Drs. Bar-
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circumstance had occurred which, from its novelty, I
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while pairing with like chromosomes from the other parent, are not

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