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to that produced by any other establishment. The inevitable ten-
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This bill would raise the legal age for purchasing and consuming
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Every factor, it would seem, conspired to make wound infection
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comprising principally injections of pilocarpin, have hastened
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are somewhat doubtful as to whether his efforts will be crowned with success.
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ing on diseased nerves. Neurotomy or ablation of a portion of nerve was prac-
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to paper. The artist correspondent of the Illustrated liondon News,
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of intermittent claudication, oblilerative endarteritis of tlu- large
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fresh fruit and is thought to be easier of digestion. Dry
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tinued, and on the 26th amputation of the thigh in the
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age. You know it happens most often on the seventh day, after
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and I have found Landau's " Geschichte der JttdischenJberzte " (Ber-
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been compiled only by the aid of scissors and j^ccste, that common
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following circumstances. In gripes the horse has violent fits of
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consequently where there is hepatic congestion, with urine free from
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sandalwood administered in ten-minim doses every four hours.
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chloride of barium ; if a thin silver plate be digested in
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put a quart measure into a pint.'* He replied, " I have been
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eyelids, giving one a fixed look; it is seen in exoph-
ward movement of the eyes may bring the symptom about, in the latter
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M. Pean has also operated on two cases of fibro-cystic uterine tumour. One
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solution than when oatmeal, etc., are used, the chemical affinity
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years ago, of whom Eush was the typical representa-
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arrested, it appeared inevitable. In this state I recollected that
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the practice of vasectomy been in vogue in his day. There is no evil
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(U. S. College of Vet. Surgeons) ; C. L. Adams, D. V. S., Dan-
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affection much less conmion than it used to be. In the
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fees of a graduate student for three quarters, to an amount $400 in excess of
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cient amount of Opium, it neither acts as a Purgative, nor
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be determined by the Council, to the discussion of such papers, and to
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of a Christmas card," seems ill equipped to write of medical life, of
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twice yearly, on the last Friday and Saturday of March and the last Friday
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being in Contact with the skin a few hours, a disa-
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as to the patient's willingness and ability to do his part faithfully
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If there is any doubt about the cleanliness of the wound or if
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As a nation's greatness depends upon the character of her population, it is
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which filled it would prove that the water in that pipe
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of excision of the whole of the centre for the movements of the upper
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many of the views of medical authors antecedent to his time are
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sema, since the pneumonia was cured without the formation of emphysema, which only
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malady ; successive subculture of the demonstrated organism many times
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raising the level of national happiness, and in estimating the value
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upon the subject. At any rate, Simon's procedure deserves imi-
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self. Baillie was an old man at fifty, and though he survived till

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