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describes the head as in a condition to be felt in this relation

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of dirty habits, and that their presence may not be unattended

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attending physicians of the Montreal General Hospital, which

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end of the ileum or beginning of the large intestine — causes no loss

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which is extremely characteristic, and for wliich no other cause

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males and females into the system, that in a few days may send

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not only within the limits of the same page, but even in the

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what way ? &c. (7) On the Transition of Pneumonia into

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of cases of stricture of the ducts, cholecystectomy

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turned into the vagina, and with a sufficient quantity of

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sion concerning diet, exercise, fresh air, humidity, mental

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are immediately killed in fpirit of wine : fcarce were

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tings, 4 respondents (11.1 percent) were employed in clinics.

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tances may be made, at the risk of the publishers, by forwardinr^

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blowing sound heard with maximum intensity at inner part first right inter-

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The section included in brackets, relating to American

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by colicky pains or tenesmus, and causes no constitutional or

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like membrane formed of albumen is added; still further

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we found the symptoms and pathological changes to be similar.

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tion of the blood aided in the diagnosis. One was a

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can multiply in the soil and the weather conditions are such as

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sold it to many around there for large sums, and that he

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kinesis. The patient was transferred to Stanford Univer-

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versity of the City of New York, etc., assisted by Robert M.

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ground — about 20 minutes. In as many more minutes, ten men

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turb it. Even wounds and lesions heal promptly, which in indi-

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causes. Float dust containing 10 per cent, or more of volatile

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arts, divination, sorcery, &c., has prevailed from a very

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two this blood will, however, tend to stagnate in the more capacious

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ART. IX,— 5ew Methocls of Resuscitating Stillborn Children, and of

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Dr. Flannigan acquitted himself with honor. In fact, so well

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that the bile is one of the channels through which toluylenediamin is

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