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bibliophile is sure that the demand of the profession for
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head, the pimple enlarging. A soreness comes on, and
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fever of a very severe type, which was contracted by
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such a sJiirt is much betler than an abdominal band.
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other such local arrangements. The surgeon should take care
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of future generations, both these methods of benefiting posterity seem to fall within
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ative effect. Specially useful in the treatment of catarrh and ulcer-
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haemorrhage, I send the Review readers this report of the
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the Patella— Metallic Sutures— Becovery with Mo-
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tine. The tables of Dr. Baldwin, a most careful observer, give
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early seizure, it generally does so in some subsequent attack. The
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We are glad to be able to congratulate the authors of this
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be obtained. In view of this fact it is now deemed neces-
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multimillion-dollar government-funded precision medicine
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widow, buttonhole-maker, German. Personal history : Since age of thirty-
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lining and gland structures were intact. In the submucosal tissue there
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especially requisite in directing those preparations, which
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(U. S. College of Vet. Surgeons) ; C. L. Adams, D. V. S., Dan-
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On the contrary, danger of injury to the femoral vein
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moderately thick neck in front of the withers, with plenty
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of the strips. On the following day he applied a fresh strapping,
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necessary in septic cases, weakness of mu-cles. stretch-
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In chronic cases, he says, '• The nitrate of silver has done the most good in
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