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treatment. What have we learned of the limitations and,

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It is quite evident, from a study of the fire-arms of early

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•617707 Berry, Q. A. Elements of ophthalmoscopic diagnosis.

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reason of their hooked seeds clinging to and becoming in-

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and again three or four hours later, the animals being kept under ether

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ing the first three or four days. For the extreme muscular

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(U. S. College of Vet. Surgeons) ; C. L. Adams, D. V. S., Dan-

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We are indebted to Alexander Wilder, M. D., for the follow-

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and I have found that when a smaller quantity of water is em-

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4. Delirium lessens, the patient becoming more tranquil, or even

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ccrehralis, and cattle with Cysticercus tenuicollis and Echino-

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many people who did not like oatmeal but had no objection to cornflour. He

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cial efl'ects are very much augmented, owing to the

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egislative committee within the Medical Inter-Insurance


under the conditions in which they are used medici-

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consist of a morning and afternoon session, with a recess, dm-ing which

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His recent book, however, "Luke the Physician, '"is

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easun of its power of entering into a firm combination with Albumen,

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mencing papillary iiypertrophy. This is sometimes absent, and

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The Asklepieia developed in many instances into health

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five Miscellaneous and Surgical Papers. One large volume, imperial 8vo., with 252 figures, on

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(Conferences and Reviews), Jan E. Zejda, Helen H. McDuffie,

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on leaving, hung up a rag from his clothing on a tree

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and recovered. This case was one due to infection with a strain of

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intraocular injections of ganciclovir have been successful in

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rather more improbable, and does not so well fit in with all the

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up and the haemorrhage, which during the operation had been

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joint, back, or chest, without any cnange for better or worse,

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is useless and worse than useless ; it is positively destructive.

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seen in all degrees of intensity. I was lately consulted by a Western

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— two being used as ammunition for small arms, one

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considerably. The already unhealthy patient becomes irritable

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he first Bulletin issued on Meteorology was in 1891, in

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maintain a reasonable sense of the relative importance

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one varieties which p:ave yields large enough to be recorded

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