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■apart from the science course; any student who takes a natural science course completes a
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The lectures and demonstrations in the subjects of the First and Second years will be given in the
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A 24-hour emergency receiving facility. Affiliated with Emory University School of Medicine. Accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals.
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of the ascending portion of the arch of the aorta, just
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instance, if any of you care to look it up, that will demonstrate the force of that statement,
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prisoner with the Indians. They gave it the name of Whahoo, and used it for
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the stomach, the liver, and the bowels, -n-hen the disorder is unat-
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and are looked upon by young and old alike as examples.
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dose- related, with an average occurrence of about 25%) adverse reaction and may be severe
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verapamil hydrochloride) have not been approved for therapy in
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France, who have made themselves acquainted, by per-
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3995 South Cobb Drive / Smyrna, Georgia 30080 / (404) 434-4567
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Mechanisms of Action. Although precise mechanisms of its
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7. Known or suspected pregnancy (See WARNING No. 5)
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a list of these questions will be taken down by the Registrar, and Dr. Roddick then can give
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has not a little astonished the College, and will, we
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to drag down the mucous membrane to the anal orifice,
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the year 1847-8 is perfectly true, though sporadic cases
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some recognized colonial medical di[»loma or diplomas as hereinafter defined, granted to

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