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Two Cases of Alopecia in Children due to Over-dose of X-rays. By .1. II.

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lying-in women, and that the variation in predominant symp-

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degree of apathy, lying still, and complaining of nothing except great

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nothing in the routine work of gynaecology that requires more

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average amount of liquor amnii escaped, but the pains were

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gery to the cure of the disease originated with Jobert de Lam-

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situated in the spinal cord, since the experiments of Kussmaul and 'I'enner and

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records the case of a child in which death followed an injection of about

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lant solutions are stored in the tanks on the platform, and fed into the raw water

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severest penalties should be enforced against those

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should be restricted to those cases in which inflammation lingers about

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diffuse character of the murmur heard in the previous

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nature of this innervation, or to give an anatomical or physiological

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lib.ii. c. 1. — M. Saussure in his Foijagc clam hs Aipes

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takes place than an instinctive effort is made by the vis medica-

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Antibiotics are generally considered adjunctive to surgi-

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kept onder control by modifying tbe dose, but a marked improvement in vision

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but with very patient and painstaking inquiry, it is often

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specific set of sensations r-egardless of whether they have come from the

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pended to the board of visitor," is false, as there is but one such clerical

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omissions, and a want of attention to certain precautions, in the

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By Lieutenant H. R. Coleman, Medical Corps, U. S. N 79

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larity, notwithstanding the continuance of the gal-

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(2.) DiARRHCBA IX Calves.— This is a frequent affec-

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stayed with her, if possible to prevent future ills. Now, I must

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same way. But so small are the cicatrices which result from

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exploring finger. Hie posterior and right lateral tmlt-dt-iao were free.

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that it may be the first noticeable symptom. Oppen-

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dizziness and faintness, rapid and weak pulse, subnormal tem-

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alterations in spinal ganglion cells, corroborates the findings of

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17.4, Leeds 14.4, Liverpool 21.5, lx)ndon U.'.i. Manchester 21 :i,

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in the horse due to Sarcoptid mites are placed together, see page 34.

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Conmions, resulting in most favourable comments as to the necessity

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tallow in equal parts ; tear the cloth in strips four inches wide, or at least wide

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canned corned beef should be issued on alternate days,

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performing the vaccinations. One of the children died

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walking a short distance I feel pain in the thighs and calves, numb-

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