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book to read, but it is not scientifically satisfactory. It is the outcome
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resembled the Fatigue Neurosis of the Hand called AVriter's
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fever, ranging from 100° F. in morning to 102° in afternoon. Onset
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which we have ascribed the tendency to professional abasement,
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shall determine and come to an end : Provided, however, that if the said
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and common soldier, that they will ever be regarded
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more abundant, so is also the glycuronic compounds, the toxines
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The application and value of bacteriological methods in the diagnosis
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est as Smith,' became a proverb among his acquaintances.
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Bretagne lui a montres en ces abominables et tragiques journ^es. Quand
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Ott {Frauendrzt, June, 1890) reports eleven cases in which total extirpa-
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as much so as the carbuncles of plague." The affection is also mentioned
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ing prenatal care. Needing energy to deal with family
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of the phalanges was found entirely destroyed, with its sound
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bitual fever, increaiing always after eating, with a

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