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were affected. The most interesting part of Raynaud's thesis is
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thorax; for Pott's disease the spine should be hyperextended and a
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cause which prompts the failure of the heart's action often
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flavor, health, or sparkling qualities, or speed in making.
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from erysipelas, which in England and Wales had decreased 16 "7 per cent,
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and death may happen from exhaustion within as few a number of
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tinctly slowing the respiration. (11) The pulse was retarded.
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gene only after four or five days. The majority of deaths
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left shoulder-joint developed, ami, in the coiirse of
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The statistics of hospitals often lose much of their value
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systems of both sexes for any losses which would otherwise be sustained.
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majority of uterine diseases, the writer s experience abundantlj'" testifies.
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considerable number of normal-looking medullated fibers in the
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the divine hand by severe and protracted fasting.^^^ It was taken
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" To ascertain if the products thrown off from the tubuli uriniferi during the progress of
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I'eferring to the disease in a general way, as meaning an
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ties. But the last two things sugge-ted, Avill be the natural result of
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])rojects. One day Hnds him busily superintending the soldier cooks
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cataract. On the whole it would appear, too, as if the younger the individual
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ous eruption of roseola. The case terminated favourably.
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for hydrophobia, but has, like a thousand others, fallen into disuse.
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