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a lethal dose of about 10 to 15 mg. per 100 gm. of body weight. The
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served in our own colder latitudes. There seems to be a too deep-seated
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by sharp counsel to win their cases. It would take the conceit out
which has been added to normal blood. There is a definite slowing,
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and cause sup]|^uration of the gums as well as ulcer>
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values for the group are to be found in Table 3. The cases were out-
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Symptoms following the rupture : On lifting a man he felt sudden rush of
sizepro en colombia
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immediate surgical interference in these injuries is a question
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part of either organ, but affect a preference for the basis and periphery. In
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prominent in summer and winter, and to flatten down and disappear
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Surgeon Geo^e F. French, U.S.Y., to doty establishing General Hospi-
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Jan. 20, 1832, and graduated in the medical department
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simple senile shrinking of the tissues has never been observed by Professor
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the actual tissues. His observations have been made on the kidneys of
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should have ever recommended it for the purpose of destroying the
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ful care of the sick and wounded. Above and around the
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you find a wheeler slipping on his hocks, do not try to pull him up,
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in the course of a day or two, the part sloughed. The
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to his work with a sigh, not of relief but of anxiety, there is
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significantly (to less than 30%) by the use of EIA-2, research
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temperature be 101*5^ on the first day, it may be typhoid ; but if, as is some-
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ordinances made by King Charles II for the government
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up suddenly and short ; after which let him be rode
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muscular contraction occurs in a deficiency of 2 . When it occurs in an
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the root of the evil." The disease having been pronounced incur-
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thrown against the corner of the fence, and received a severe in-

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