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There are other and more beautiful and beneficial things

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are in favor of their having been so appropriated. The temple of

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recognition of this group is most important and many instances of infection

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the opinion that warm fluids introduced into the stomach favour tlie rapid

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creditable ingenuity in their efforts to do so. But their argu-

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Arteries— In Mesentery— In Hands and Feet^In Head— Arterial Plewses—

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This case of fibrinopurulent pneumoperitonitis follovring perforation of a

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are the simple facts? All these articles in certain quanti-

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oxymurin, a new remedy for diphtheria, typhoid fever, and other

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of the entire chest, at times to such an extent as to make the sound side seem

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three tooth-like folds; the symmetrical double ovaries are straight; the

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with the soft side uppermost. On the centre of this is

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from an acute bronchitis and one developed from a tubercular

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modifications of sense, as vision, and the rest ; gives

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in that part of the gullet which Kes within the chest,

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For short operations this narcotic is especially appropriate, as the anaes-

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of puerperal fever. Among the 629 cases of infectious diseases

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which took place in the Hellenistic Age are, The Environment of Early Chris-

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consisting of two steel wires insulated from each other, is

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and such delegates shall, on payment of the annual dues, be entitled to all the

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tissue disintegration — necrosis — especially of bony tissue,

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tion, and other circumstances that, amid the obscurity attendant

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* Cruttenden, Albert G., Clifton Springs, Ontario Co.

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journal, published in Denver, Col., and called "Progress,"

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readily find their way into the air-tubes, and, on the other hand,

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of the local reaction in this animal, and it may be of interest to note that general- '

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only one thing, as it had meant on many a battle-field in the past.

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same duration he becomes apneic. "When the desire to breathe re-

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which clear consciousness is but a small part of total con-

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of medical knowledge. Within the hospital ward the stu-

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far as any spreading infective disease is concerned, by the action of a temperature

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count fingers, and she saw objects well. Vision was

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— Dr. Osier will deliver an address on the 3rd of April next,

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In one of Meslaye's patients the permanent contracture maintained

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or figures. At the same time I did not despise even

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