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agree with Dr. Bennett that the causes of the tubercular

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distinction has at present no clinical bearings, the question will not be here

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work, and which unhealthy condition could have been

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rare cases of typhoid fever which begin as intermittents.

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through which, during the cooling of the retort, the air

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on — ^the depletory system on the first accession —

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while in the rectum it may be 10*» or more. The pulse is


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The statistics show that craniotomy saved 5.6 per cent,


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inherent part of the nature of all of us that we all sympathize with its

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tions as to the best method of building and providing

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whom were active members of the Baltimore Committee of

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during many weeks, hesitating to proceed. Fortunately Dr.

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of them become so fixed by contractures that they are as permanent

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Figure III. shows the apparatus fixed on the head For a smaller head it Is

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.\lkaline diuretics are indicated in almost all cases,

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tissue. He suffers no inconvenience from these, other than

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ed ; not of accidents or carelessness, which will occasionally lead to

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lung is infected, or tuberculosis of other parts becomes

spelman college academic calendar

Cochlearia Armoracia, (horse radish,) root ; dinretic, root

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Dr. Lewis A. Conner: I would like to ask Dr. Flexner whether he

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it is common in England and Northern Europe, less so in North America,

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when the 12.6 grams of resublimed iodin are added. This solution

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Sufficient time has not yet elapsed, since the hot water was

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still have to say that it falls fourteen short of providing for

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venting inoculation by the accoucheur are well understood, and, if he be

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easy. The individual symptoms must be studied. Pain is

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be released from quarantine until at least three or four negative cultures

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The picture in advanced cases is not unlike that of the chronic interstitial

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Flat Top Medicine Trunks, made of Russet Bridle Leather.

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passed through the base, pinning it to the wood. It

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the former tending to mobilize the molecules into diffusible sugar

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1 '-ins with a brief account of the causes, symptoms and treatment of

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because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other

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of the blade of a knife. The arms are sometimes involved. The deep retlexes

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For the proper treatment of a broken thigh, it is necessary not only

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can assert to-day, that his opinion was then, and is now, that

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diseases whose symptoms resenible them is not always easy, and

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3 years. Male, 40. Fell 30 feet : hysterical, no pain : mind grad-

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time of gestation is no exception to this rule. Most of us like to camou-

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either from the weather, or artificially produced in the water.

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some of them being left unaffected. The chief abductors of the larynx,

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than the divided stricture, and using some drainage-tube as a siphon.

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