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following numbers of cases of acute infectious diseases :

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fowls, or else use an iron vessel in which to give them

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itive results, even in instances in which the warm water did not remain in con-

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istic of the reaction of degeneration (A.C.C. = or>K.C.C.) Similarly the

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all classes, was in danger of innoculation with syphilitic poison.

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nerves are cut and the peripheral end of one of them stimulated mod-

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1859, most of the German pathologists have, in my opinion,

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Eulenburg defines neurasthenia as a " widely distributed,

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is, therefore, nearly one- fourth longer in one direction than the other.

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gentle measures so as to prevent accumulation of fcecal matter,

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distalward at about its deepest location in the pelvis (Fig. 6).

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and she has the satisfaction of knowing that her choice is approved

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asked to perform an exploratory laparotomy, in order to decide what

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geons, trying to shift responsibility from one to the

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patients, who lend themselves very readily to the treatment and become

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Neal in charge. June, 1863, he was ordered for duty

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bed for some days in preference to any other treatment, and was extremely

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generally elevated, but a patient may have an attack of scarlet fever with a

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of this body in the lower animals, says : " The predieable results of the

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that the former director of the Druidic University has

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and his weak and trembling voice, while at the same time his

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intermediate postcentral) or more removed (in parietal lobe). The por-

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ach was diminished in size. There was slight epigas-

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caused instant death. This abortionist was a physician

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a level with the posterior lip of the cervix. The fistula admitted with some

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the insensibility of the sensatory, and the relaxation of the motory

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clinical nature, and gave briefly the results of my own

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.days, or even simultaneously. The attack has, in general, been

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case a second withdrawal of blood should be necessary.

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off, with the exception of Friedlander's bacillus, Bacillus influenza, and

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and successfully practised by Dr. Graves. A sponge, the size of a

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Empyema occurred in twenty-six of the thirty-seven cases of the

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carbamate and lactate of ammonia, also leucin and tyrosin, or an

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localities. But, to accomplish the end in view, these

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monotonous work or other conditions, the supply of the blood to the

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and to lie with the neck covered is disagreeable. There are

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cases the cancer had its origin in the pyloric end of the stomach

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