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to the reading and not to the apparatus. — Meinorabilien,

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and flag in those that have used copulation, being pressed by

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Dr. 3Iack spc^ke of an intercurrent form of Diabetes obser-

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If the thrombosis or stoppage have occurred in a vessel which is the

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clothing must be loose enough to allow perfect freedom to the

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quantity of salt, with the addition of some flavoring ingredient

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an army surgeon in the latter part of the Civil War.

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the free margins of the valves, and more commonly on the mitral valve

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in 4 cases, the condition of the heart is not mentioned.

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diluted condition, and that it was made less dangerous by the

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such considerable amount of epithelium removed by them there as

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and sheep. If this bulletin stimulates a part of our people

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became steadier, the goitre lessened in size, the ap-

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tissues of the sick animal, however, make the diagnosis of an in-

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Once, the extraction of teeth was performed by the family

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kg.; height, 161 cm. Since 1911, his weight gradually increased to 54 kg.;

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The author is a strong advocate for early interfer-

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which they have , effected but in the awakening interest in the

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she spoke very well, without any hesitation and without a shade

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flame, it would seem advisable to secure free ventila-

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on his own legs, on a prosthesis or even in a wheelchair.

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had been run over by a gig, and was at once conveyed to the hospital. Frac-

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for the patients, demonstrated the innocent character

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auriculo-ventricular opening, which occupies the floor and com-

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The electrostatic effect of the positive nucleus of a cation on the

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■iss I dr; sheep J4 dr; swine 20 drops; dog 5-10 drops.

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ing to paralysis of the lower jaw; the tongue hangs loose and

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had to be furnished with certificates of permission to attend the

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have been examined, but here there is a distinct decussation of

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one end would be sufficient room. When the exhibits were

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be allowed daily until the pulse has fallen below 100. Tonics are

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signs in the right lung, which had improved decidedly

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as to its efficacy in leukemic states. This material

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ployed, the liquid has been medicated by some of the antiseptic

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appointment to any committee the existence of which the

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nerve terminal to undergo different changes according to the colour striking it,

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Colorado I have not myself visited. The experiences

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Mi. EMMKBtCH will keep on band a oonilaDt and fbll inpplj of

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to absolutely sterilize large rooms, the vapor given off being formaldehyde,

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