Para Que Sirve El Stiff Nights

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locality who contract the disease are apt to have it in a severe form. This is
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Fig. 88.— Vitriaed Paving-brick with Single Groove.
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pens that the same article will produce these three different
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of the fissure is usually immediately within the margin of the external
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cephalus, case and specimen. Acker, G. N., 368; sarcoma of the
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issues. All three seem to know but one manner of performing
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A ration is the allowance for the subsistence of one person for one
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Bureau of Animal Industry, and Dr. Marion Dorset, of the Bio-
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^^tr^ ^^^ favour a />ri^n* of its being Restorative. Catalytics are
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ing of the breath being prevented or repressed dur-
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withdraw a portion of the nervous stimuli from the liver. Why?
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turns, are 17, being nearly four per cent« per annum. Of these, all are
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Kingdom in oeneral. After the last-named date the l)aric oscil-
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form of iodine. Its elimination takes place very slowly. It is
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who are predisposed to attacks of hysteria, are more
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placenta over the os uteri ; while hemorrhage taking place at
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judgment as to whether a person is ' incapable of Avork " it is
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Next, we find four muscles known as recti; namely, levator
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week was 20.71 against 19.26 and 23.31 for the previous two
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is difficult, however, to assign a cause for the great disproportion
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mechanical injury and irritation as an important cause in
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emphasizes as one of the characteristics of influenzal bronchitis that
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character and well being of his patient, that are obtained in
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covered after taf>piug. In serous effusions simple puncture
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ance of the lining of the canal, whether by Mr. Holt's method of so-called 'split-
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