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amanuensis to Professor von Langenbeck. This carried
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Discharges from the nose and from the ears of a convalescent scarlet fever
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abolitionists of the North, espousing their cause, were unwilling that they
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Dr. Rowlettk asked for fui'ther information as to the
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effective drug (e.g. amoxicillin). Use of alternative therapies ^
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two positions, (1) when lying on the back, or (2) on the side,
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in ophthalmic practice as the anaesthetic par excellence.
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took place, and instead of milk ordered a light drj- diet. Two hours
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sistance of the various members of the collecting party of
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same time, paid to the local treatment of the ulcerated or inflamed part. The
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W. H. FAIRFIPXD, B. S., - Wyoming University Experime.\t Farm
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a sign of the onset of some more serious change — of approaching
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period of from ten days to a fortnight all trace of the action of carbol has
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it to the action of gastric juice ; beginning with a weak virus so prepared
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extremity which ends in a top fhaped like a globe ;
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places amidst pine woods (like Arcachon and Bourne-
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published histories as decidedly under-estimated. Dr.
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adopts a classification for the benefit of the " general practitioner,"
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days' interval, and in varying doses, according to the species
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SiDBtmY, J. B. Active immunization against diphtheria. South. Med. Jour.,
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of maximum intensity is in the fourth intercostal space close to the left
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can be associated with major arrhythmias (complete heart
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It seems to be sparsely distributed over a large part of
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lame; appetite is completely lost. If left to himself the inflammation
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In 1872 the hospital was again enlarged by the addition
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that he cannot trace a single case of a man returning with a relapse where the
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the manner of speaking and the tone of the voice, will
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change ; but is accompanied by maldevelopment of the limbs on the
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could survive. She had pain in her abdomen and tenderness
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with beneficial results, administered by the mouth.
ually disappears and vice versa. (Maj. Gillies's work shows that
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lamp-lit streets, staggering along with swimming heads, para-
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but as the original grooves in the British magazine rifle are only

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