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upon the British mind. At one hotel where I spent two months

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ventilation. Vitiated, overheated, dry air is a contributing cause of colds,

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nated. From a microscoj)ical examination of several

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lial layers there is just enough material furnished for the

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and controlable agent, which will produce the results we

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pand the lungs and thus avoid any possibility of adhe-

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the surgeon or doctor in charge of the case before ordering the adminis-

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after diphtheria. The suspicion that the paralysis is really secondary to

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a heavy rental, are not more largely patronized by the members. A

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ical obstruction to the passage of both semi-fluids and solids ; and

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attained to skill and eminence in the medical profession, or even

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technical forms impose upon it. The prescription of the

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Romance of Medicine.” 818 pages. Ulus. Price $6.00, cloth.

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the presence of the bacillus in summer and winter diarrhoea. It was found

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New York alone three thousand died — the city was

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valves is much more extensive and the patients live a shorter period

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Norgaard, of our own Bureau of Animal Industry, employs

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Rabbits inoculated with several varieties of pathogenic bacteria fre-

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urea excreted may not only be equal to, but may exceed, the

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this subject, in 1768,^ no disease has more engaged the interest of

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W. Hall, C. W. Haentschel, A. L. Hamer, J. W. Johnson, P. N. Kelly,

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text] <Med. Obozr., Mosk., v. 44 (21), pp. 810-812. [MS. dated 18 Maia.]

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and left inferior turbinate, which he cauterized on two separate occasions.

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able to take beef extract with acid nitro-mur. dil. She is now in

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