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are two — hemorrhage and oedema. Hemorrhage from the pia
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By bimanual examination the following condition could be
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Mix the sodium bicarbonate intimately with the potassium and
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draught of air in the room towards it. Neither should it be
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mat, a governor, a general, a congressman, or to one of our ever over-
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This function can be tested readily by the patient’s
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calf of the right limb, which in connection with the previous inci-
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the old one, while the fleshy substance of the berry, it is
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irrigation, thrusts itself upon the nation, and especially
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mometry. — During the past sixty years or more, various instruments
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gether to an excess of carbonate of lime in the soil and waters;
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with celluloid window, or all celluloid types, one to
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tion dif&cult, and although it was rendered still more difficult by
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attenuation could be secured. The bacillus taken from virulent
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destruction of the germs of either disease in the clothing
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to select always the very best in size, shape and general
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At the commencement of the war Dr. Hamilton was appomted sm-geon
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said that the new fees were 43 per cent below fees for
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In agricultural and stock papers, and others, too, and
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dnced by traction in these last cases is useful. Another mechanical effect
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bullets projected from smooth-bore muskets, gave to combatants
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Thus consciousness results only as an adjustment or equili-
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back flexion, is unclear. Pain and weakness may result from
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our case {Revue de Medecine, April, 1886). In view of the
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voted the Republican ticket and was a delegate to its state convention in 1888.
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of the year. Furthermore, No. 255 was weakened by the restricted diet and suc-
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day and night, but in such a way as not to come in with a
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common. Moreover, headache and vomiting are very much less commonly
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healthy condition, the combined effect of swallowing the entire

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