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collecting material and instructions to obtain spec-

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have affected children seen by a physician. Many children

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lants when they return to their homes will prove not only dangerous but

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not those of the opposite normal ear, which retained their tone (Fig.

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mal changes are often most effectually controlled and

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to coagulate, why shonld it remain iaid in the vessels? If not, why

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In a surgical wound, a placental wound, a tear of the cervix

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maintains that a patient subjected to excision of the sac, as compared

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F. Hale, of New York, read an essay upon fitting up drug-stores,

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Herman Louis Kretschmer, M.D., Assistant Professor of Surgery (Genito-

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to coagulate, why shonld it remain iaid in the vessels? If not, why

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Alabama, and the battle of Bentonville, in North Carolina.


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Organization and Work for the Protection of Health in the United States, by Walter

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post or station to be assigned to each class, within the limits pre-

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successful culture here the most esteemed and valued me-

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and around the anus. The cervical follicles being likewise dis-

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hand, since it has been shown that similar bacilli are common in pre-

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serum alone indicates the extent of digestion that has taken place. The

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Of these malformations we often see cleft palate. Some years

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According to his experience it is the latter which is affected. He has never been able to

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14. MoTT. Report of the Pathologist to the Zondon County Council, 1897.

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can be studied. At present the student's experience is limited to

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the occipital and frontal regions, and several large ones in other parts

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The nitrate was dissolved in a little hot water and the solution

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the most delicate and accurate way of determining the safe minimal

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fore we proceed to reduce the uterus by the taxis, as it is called, i, e.,

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