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monly called low laurel, or sheep laurel, kalmia angustifolia. Regarding

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assistance of the cystoscope, ureteral catheterization and X-ray

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If the thrombosis or stoppage have occurred in a vessel which is the

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University of Cambridge and Fellow of King's College, died at

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the grayish appearance so often seen on ordinary examination. The cells

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weighed or measured, and each case has its peculiarities which

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mation, and the diminished force of the blood flow caused by the

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both to the advanced student and the busy practitioner,

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pneumonia with or without interlobular disease is demonstrated by

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and pulse to 120. There was also a good deal of pain caused

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and this latter coat be drawn out through the shaft, entirely freed

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For the congestive heart that ain't pumping — just do your stuff and it will start

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followed by full pulse, furring of the tongue, great thirst and scanty

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vasomotor spasm ; but in some' rases the arteries supplying tlic

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that they can rarely get money enough to pay for their

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the corresponding spinal ganglion and of the nerve traversing it. — Lancet

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already in the latter country. The results in the Brit-

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capacity for two years and more, we have now added the duties

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First Lieutenant C. W. Henkel, U. S. M. C, post quartermaster,

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part of the frontal lobe. Had the nature of the affection been recognized

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as the centre of origin for the pyaemia. If the origin of the

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a state of spasm shutting off the blood-supply from the affectetl

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dyspnoea occurring. When healthy respiration is re-established,

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kinds were badly damaged. The fruits, for which the

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