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he was able to return the protruded gut after reducing its size by

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untimely grave by the fatal effects of an epidemic which

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the body of phosphorus, either in the form of the acid, or of phosphates, or in

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him without giving relief. He had become so much reduced that he had

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Angiostrongylus cantonensis, Toxocara canis and Toxocara

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each kidney and take on the form of the cavity of that kidney

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Dr. Talcott, Chairman of the Committee on Gratuitous Students,

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cumbersome and applicable only to those with normal rena

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both are consolidated, if the pulse and temperature

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tion, followed by a te» of No. 3, to remove the canker,

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the officer! eat freely, and which were sometimes of

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lated to agglutinate and liberate tissue factor. Tissue factor

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Their richness in fat and cellulose, and the compactness of their struc-

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to be induced, and still less abortion." Lusk, quoting from his own

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cases have remained latent for over three weeks ; two of these

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The influence of light is also important, and, owing to its action on the

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result from abscess of the neck caused by tonsillar diphtheritis or scarlatinal

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such that during the ventricular systole the blood between the

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* E/Tfi^/) Se /cat kvtttelv tfieWev 6 avSptiiTrog, kui avavivuv

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following treatment. Tinct. Ferri Perchloridi, 30 drops

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deals with the elementary facts of hygiene, a knowledge of which forms part of the nursing

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bows for your accomplishments. And in those sometimes

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not operated upon, and died on the fourth day after the discovery of the

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taught. He thinks diminished area of cardiac dullness is due chiefly to

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whose theme is the most alluring and whose recovery

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tain their appetite, while it is the reverse with those that lose it; this may be

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Resolved, That Tuberculin is recognized as a reliable, diag-

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