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but there is time enough to apply treatment when the

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measured 81 inches around the bust, and 35 around the upper part

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chemically from each other : the colorless ones dissolve in pure

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istered in the treatment of other types of chronic syphilis.

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patient cannot fwallow ; at length a general convul-

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and it is evident from this that he feels quite competent

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slowly re-entering the lung ; as will be indicated by a return of

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served in members of a single chain. In the tissues the bacillus stains well

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of carbohydrates, in that certain strains of them are able to digest cellu-

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struent, expectorant, errhine, emmenagogue, relaxant, and stimulant.

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this reign, nothing was really known of the convulsive state.

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selected the above title for this article. As it is readily amenable

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The ends in view, as stated by them, are the advancement of medical

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II. If anything depends on the order, then that thing

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Graves was, and where and when he described the atfection ; and

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and districts, through markets, dairies, and premises of dealers, with

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in his experience he has seldom seen women who had suffered

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ferent liquids, it absorbs one of them more abundantly than the other;

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the lung note being recognized as low as the fourth rib. Air enters very

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propositions for restoration are all founded on the same intelligent

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source of eiTor in former exjieriments. It has been

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"Wait! wait! Hampton, till you hear my story, and I know you'll forgive me. Anyway, I'm glad to see

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be treated precisely in the same way, i.e., with the same quality and

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such a history, the symptoms of pyloric obstruction

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The great cause of infantile mortality is inflammation of the

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Gramer, F. The pathological anatomy of scarlatinal nephritis, 31;

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fright may cause a fit. There is a strong but unjustified tendency to

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clinical years, and partly in the study of medical literature in which

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(the physician ostensibly) can drink out of the side of the glass farthest

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teaching are united and immediately complementary to each other. The

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