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about that the Klebs-Loffler bacillus from the first assumed a doubtful status,

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indebted for our knowledge of how this may be prevented.

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the inflamed nose no longer smells, the inflamed mamma no

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that in the action of immune serum a body or tissue factor is essen-

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cating the main features in the plan of execution of the book, much

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sion was more marked ; the fluid sounds accompanying the car-

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in children. These advances include improved diagnostic

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fee, $6.00. Mj. Summer and Spring, Professor Carlson, Associate Pro-

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Treatment: — But little has been accomplished in the re-

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the Thomsonian system, than that it is a blessed in-

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spective Sections and not before the full convention, while

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with- the enemy ? If so, the patient will in a few days or weeks be

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sonous ptomaines, generated under peculiar conditions

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turbances in chemical equilibrium may occur to inhibit the function

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The aperture leading into the larynx and windpipe is termed

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Board have learned with much regret of the death of the

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outside of those places where goitre and cretinism are

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Attending Physician, North Shore University Hospital.

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this city, is of the greatest advantage ; for at ire have to apply

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teething child exhausted by diarrhoea, which should be given once in three or

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different train of symptoms during childhood than is found

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chiole, about one-third of a millimetre in diameter.

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cause tremor also. His intellect is quite clear. He

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presumably the mono nitrate separates and is difficult to transform

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given my treatment in some cases this was not the course usually

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