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be below 50° F., and the time of exposure to the for-
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wounds of the finger-nails to any preexisting lesions. In pru-
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hide-bound : carefully watch him, that full feeding
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ne) and magnesium sahs is objectionable, as they make
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plot of previously undeveloped land. Several of the medical facilities have
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the terminal portion of the vasa deferentia renders erection im-
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in the early centuries of Christianity. Briefly, the
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no gas could be introduced or a satisfactory pneumothorax is impos-
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practice, he was elected surgeon to the Presbyterian Hospital, and
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the Constabulary, noticed on three or four occasions a very small
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pectoration by midwives in certain parts of the coun-
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words, all the symptoms and lesions are directly caused by the
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meatus backward by means of gentle pressure with the fingers;'
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over-distended by blood-clots for about three feet,
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3. The establishment of a Commission on Training Camp Activ-
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eminently fitted to encourage union between the congenitally deaf. If not
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isting requirements for the third-year degree, each can-
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like colour, is easUy torn, and appears as if half boiled '* — morbid
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cumbed to uraemic accidents. Scientific records show an-
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The nostrils furnish the solo means of admitting air to the
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The following formula, which produces a clear, light green
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Fred. Osiander, in 1825. The first volume, therefore, announced above, is a
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with an additional amount obtained by concentrating the filtrate in
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toes of the right foot, absolute jjaralysis of everything
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gas when punctured. The contents of these cavities corre-
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the blind eye and we find in these patients some of the other
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Every factor, it would seem, conspired to make wound infection
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SiDBtmY, J. B. Active immunization against diphtheria. South. Med. Jour.,
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turns, are 17, being nearly four per cent« per annum. Of these, all are
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for dady use, arranged in a convenient way for ready reference.
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