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was provoked by questions, she began to acknowledge that she felt an

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entire surface affected. The vesicles on the palmar

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going extract, it was not meant that nature is limited

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a disciple of I^umesianus, and those of the Platonist

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composing the bony box which contains the brain. These, although usually de-

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letter. Address JOHN P. MORTON & COMPANY, Louisville, Ky.

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practically runs itself, is only a matter of a few days.

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Unless they do this, all regulation of the home-school is but non-

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deities. The reference in the Bible to the Tcraphim

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the digitalis effect, viz, a decrease in the rate of the heart with an

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surrounding the shallow excavation being particularly noticeable. No

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sician met with the patient and his wife to discuss this

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has been stated, that in no instance has there been

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— two being used as ammunition for small arms, one

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siderably larger, of much stronger form, travels at a

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or absence of development. The two conditions might

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brain showed diplococcns pnenmonice in abundance unmixed

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ing mucosa was low, with continuous epitheUum and distorted tubules. The

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sitic mycelium which gave a glutinous substance, special fungus,

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E k the blood, which may probably occur in Typhoid and low

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quatre s^res de cuivre et d*un s^re d'^tain unis par

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cal authority, established on a solid and immovable basis. How

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at the time and found a typical and persistent ankle

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The patient was then a little more tranquil, temperature 100.4 3 F. She gave

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