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Patient remained in the Hospital till May 9th, when he was

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and W. Pasteur,* A. S. Griinbaum,^ and L. Parsons.*

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there are, therefore, five in which the pregnancy terminated in the

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months. Some experimentalists state that during the heats of summer

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over a pulley, which brought into action all the muscles and joints

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For the relief of irritable children, sulphonal has failed in

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For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He remained day and night at his post

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inoculation is not an infrequent source of one of the forms of

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hundred thousand population as an example, we find there is nearly an

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Progressive spinal muscular atrophy. — (Progressive myelo-

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the name of micrococcus of sputum septicaemia, as the injection of saliva

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sion, deepened by the belief that they are about to die

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utmost consequence that it should be generally known that it is a

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sists individual students and their organizations in

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and then taken from us. How well do I remember one such,

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very marked and of long duration, true and permanent atrophy

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water, and gas pipes etc., should be tightly sealed with cement

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after having dispensed it, we find, to our great surprise, that

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Treatment. Remove the horse to level pasture, and have

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to this disease is to say the least misleading. No doubt the

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of confluent cases, especially those of the vesicular hsemorrhagic type,

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best. A sucking pig, to be eaten in perfection, should not be

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alcohol, and unlike coffee and tobacco, coca brings the consumer into

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after previously having had only the stagnant pools of second-hand

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cardiograms showed not only a regular rhythm, but a normal P-R interval (0.19).

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headache is felt, I have elicited the fact that considerable,

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the period of incubation preceding the active symptoms of tetanus caused by

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ganglion, fatty tumour, angioma, congenital mole, sebaceous cysts,

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pain or distress. Again walks, and so on, until day brings relief.

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During the past year, we dealt with such public service

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bladder and motion of the abdominal wall, grate against each other

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therewith favors bending towards the right side. The chief cause, however, is

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in, than the cure of scrofulous complaints, such as sal^

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sesamoid bone upon the broad, high, and expanded process from the proximal

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of the arteries and in the strength of the heart' .... Other circumstances

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other countries as to the permanency of the results.

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now perceived that the fluid accumulation, which before the accident

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